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The Global Free Hugs With Intersex Movement comes to the USA!

My friend, Hiker Chiu started the “Global Free Hugs with Intersex movement” 全球擁抱陰陽人運動; in Taiwan.   I am honored, and with their blessing,  I will be bringing their “Free Hugs with Intersex movement” to the United States!  

On October 1st and 2nd, 2016, with my intersex friend, Shane Evert, we plan to give hugs during the PRIDE PARADE, and Pride Festival here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Here are the t-shirts we will be wearing that I designed with the help of Custom Ink.  We will also both be carrying the yellow and purple intersex flag.  

Shane and I do this to help end intersex erasure in the United State, and in  our city of Jacksonville, Florida.  We promise to share pictures of these events, and all our hugs, soon!  I will be sharing pictures, of the two of us giving hugs and marching in the parade, on my blog, and as well as on my public Facebook page: Mx. Anunnaki Ray Gender/Intersex Activist Public Page.

If you would like to follow Hiker Chiu’s movement, here is the Public Group on Facebook:  Global Free Hugs with Intersex Movement.  


Here is Hiker Chiu’s Story 

Along with pictures of their “Free Hugs With Intersex” Campaign below:

“Hiker Chiu is a Ph.D student in human sexuality at Shute University. At a gay rights parade in Taipei last year, Chiu held a placard that read “free hugs with intersex.” On Chiu’s ID card, the word “female” was written in the column for gender. However, Chiu also has male sexual characteristics such as adam’s apple. In an interview with RTI, Chiu gave a detailed account of a long and harrowing experience that was often filled with helplessness, solitude, confusion, sadness and sometimes even shame. Chiu’s parents were very supportive, but they knew very little about intersex. Doctors are not helpful at all because they are reluctant to discuss the issue with their patient. The social stigma attached to intersex people is so strong in Taiwan that Chiu had virtually no one to talk to when growing up. In September of last year, Chiu visited Organization Intersex International (OII), the trip later helped pave the way for the establishment of a Chinese-language website for intersex people.”






October 1st, 2016, pictures of Jacksonville, Florida’s Pride Parade with Shane and I giving hugs, with our “Get Hugs From Intersex” t-shirts on, and the Intersex Flags: 

Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez with Shane Evert.
Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez with Shane Evert.



You can read more about this flag here: The Story Behind this Yellow and Purple Intersex Flag


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