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Mx. Chris Nicholson is queer, XXY intersex, and their gender identity is intergender.  Like me, Chris considers their sex intersex.   Chris uses she/her and they/them pronouns.  Chris is a professional artist and owns an art business called, Rainbow Studios.  They are an advocate for sex, gender, and sexuality.  Their goal is to spread LGBTQIAP+ awareness through art and activism.

To Chris, their artistic activism is a symbol of visibility, hope, and change.  

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Painting: Intersex Activism By Mx. Chris Nicholson 

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Painting: Intersex Activism
Painting: Intersex Activism, By Mx. Chris Nicholson | 20×20 and the Medium: Acrylic | September 2019

Here is a Closed Intersex Support Group Chris Nicholson Founded and Administrates with Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez and many other intersex people.

Simply answer the questions to get into this group: Intersex Haven

Here is their Facebook Page to “Like” and Follow: Rainbow Studios

To Contact Chris: rainbowstudiosnc@gmail.com

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