Intersex TEDx​ Talks

Two more Intersex TEDx Talks coming soon with Emily Quinn and Small Luk.


Born Intersex, We are Human! | Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez | TEDxJacksonville Conference October, 20th 2018  



Intersex Are Amongst Us | Rogena Sterling | TEDxRuakura



Intersex is Awesome | Kristina Turner & Ori Turner | TEDxWWU



Gender bound | Judi Herring | TEDxJacksonville 2015



Intersex People and the Physics of Judgment | Cecelia McDonald | TEDxBoulder


This Girl Has Balls | Georgiann Davis | TEDxUNLV



36 Revolutions to Change | Sean Saifa Wall | TEDxGrandRapids



Discovering one’s intersex self — a personal story |Gina Wilson | TEDxSydney



Is Anatomy Destiny? | Alice Dreger | TED 2011 


Democracy after anatomy |Alice Dreger |TEDxNorthwesternU

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Made in the image of god | Natalie Weaver | TEDxUrsulineCollege