Intersex Support Groups on Facebook

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Intersex Support Groups on Facebook (All these are CLOSED Groups): 

The two I help administrate:

  1.  Beyond the Binary: GENDER NONCONFORMIST A group for intersex, endosex, and altersex people who do not believe in the male/female binary.
  2. Intersex Support for Parents

Other groups that some might find helpful too:

  1. 47, XXY Women (non-Klinefelter)
  2. Intersex Support for Parents
  3. Vital Intersex & Trans Alliance
  4. 🙂 Intersex & Trans Alliance 🙂
  5. Intersex Research Coalition
  6. Organization Intersex International
  7. Global Free Hugs with Intersex Movement
  8. Intersexualidad Mexicana
  9. Intersex Christians

NOTE:  There are some SECRET Intersex GROUPS not mentioned due to their anonymity.  E-mail me and I might be able to help you get into them.

If you have a group and want it added please contact me.  This is a list in progress: