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My Letter: SB 225 (Wiener) – My Intersex Story

Dear Senator(s) and whom it will concern, RE: SB 225 (Wiener) | January 20, 2021  I was born in 1967, with a rare form of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and with non-life-threatening genitals that made my mom feel that I might be her son. She was going to name me Anthony Ray. Closer inspection made them… Continue reading My Letter: SB 225 (Wiener) – My Intersex Story

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Human Sexuality is Diverse & Greater Than the Binary

Created by Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez Shared on Facebook January 9, 20201: All humans can be assigned wrong at birth. I saw another version of this floating around and took the liberty to make it more gender diverse and intersex friendly.Not all people assigned wrong at birth are transgender. Not all people assigned wrong at… Continue reading Human Sexuality is Diverse & Greater Than the Binary

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Poem: It’s 2021, will love prevail?

So many dead now and more are dying Very few did anything to stop it Greed and people in power and control Consuming our country with hate and greed Not caring that the poor, the old, and those marginalized would be hit worse As if they wanted us to die How can we deny that… Continue reading Poem: It’s 2021, will love prevail?