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Poem: Two Loti Flowers | Our 25th Silver Aniversary

The two of us

We were both young

with curly hair

Both with “too many” earrings

Mistaken as siblings

Misfits in many ways

not lovers

Hidden within me

a man

You got to see a woman back then

You loved me

When no one else would

Medically abused

Psychiatrically misused

Corrective raped and beaten

They all wanted to fix me

To assure I stay a girl



There you were

It ended their abuse

They now could celebrate a man


It silenced their fears

While I remained in the shadows

We married August 5th, 1995

My beautiful hand made

wedding gown

Horse and Buggy

Holy Ghost Catholic Church

The Brown Palace

The Beatles Suite

We did it all back then……..

                                                                      ……..because I was invisible back then.

We had babies even

We grew and they grew

Recovery would

save us both

And then

one day

I had had enough

There he was

proof I could exist


More Recovery

More mud

I emerged

with curlier

Ashkenazi hair

Who would have known?

We survived


to both bloom

in the mud


loti flowers


I love you!


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

Happy 25th Anniversary to my husband.

August 5th, 2020

A lotus flower can not bloom without mud.

My Husband and I Joined

PFLAG National Convention 2019


Today a dear friend shared this in our the Buddha Garden:

“One can search the world for that one perfect person they want to share their life with that meets their ideology, however in doing so one could miss the very one person who has been there for them all along, don’t let your ego blind you to that one soul who is right in front of you, which you fail to see, because of expectations.”

~ Lara Neira ~
~ Wei Yong ~


Little did I know when we married August, 5th 1995, it was also Pete Burn’s Birthday.  He was a very important person in my life as a teen, and also later in determining my true self in 2014.  I would not know he was born August, 5th, 1959,  until he died on October 23, 2016.   By 2016, I could see myself as a man in the mirror finally.  I had written Pete Burns asking him if he had intersex traits, but had never received an answer.   I might never know now.   In the ’80s was a beautiful androgynous man though.  At the end of 2014, I would emancipate my true gender. My marriage survived what few can.  Pete left a legacy, and now due to this serendipity, he is a part of my life forever each Wedding Anniversary!

Pete Burn's Birthday August 5th Legacy

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3 thoughts on “Poem: Two Loti Flowers | Our 25th Silver Aniversary”

  1. I loved your newest poem a tribute to your marriage. Congratulations my friend. I wish you at least 25 more wonderful years together.


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