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My Senator Letter | RE: Bill SB 201

Dear Senator, RE: SB 201 (Wiener) - SUPPORT I am writing to you as a world known public figure and Gender/INTERSEX Activist and Educator, and in full support of the organization interACT Youth Advocates. I applaud the inclusion of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in SB 201. This bill, and it's inclusion of CAH, is essential to… Continue reading My Senator Letter | RE: Bill SB 201

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Poem: Castle | By Aleksander Beryozkin

Мне сложно верить людям Мне сложно открыть своё сердце 💔 Мне сложно довериться собственной интуиции Мне легче спроецировать свой страх на других Мне легче поверить, что меня снова кинут, предадут, обманут. Мне легче обидеть и захлопнуть дверь 🚪. Меня столько раз оставляли, обижали, разрушали мои надежды, бросали в меня камни, били, уничтожали... Что когда кто-то… Continue reading Poem: Castle | By Aleksander Beryozkin

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Ouch! What to say instead of “I have an open mind”

When a friend or family member comes to you out of the closet sharing with you that they are LGBTQIA+ you might not want to say "I have an open mind" any more in hopes they will feel better.  This blog will use the responses from others to prove why. I will first give you a… Continue reading Ouch! What to say instead of “I have an open mind”

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Biological and Anatomical Sex: Endosex, Intersex & Altersex

What is Biological or Anatomical Sex? The biologic character or quality that distinguishes male, female, and intersex from each other as expressed by analysis of the person's gonadal, morphologic (internal and external), chromosomal, and hormonal characteristics. Biological Sex and Anatomical Sex. Also often shortened to just "Sex": It is typically assigned, at birth, by the "authorities",… Continue reading Biological and Anatomical Sex: Endosex, Intersex & Altersex