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My Gratitude​ for Thanksgiving 2018

From a Life Event on Facebook:

I survived when I truly believe that few do. Being brave, and sharing a memory from November 2014.

I was having an adrenal crisis with a urinary tract infection. I suffered from disabling autonomic dysfunction back then, among other things related to mitochondrial disorder and related problems due to the type of body I was born into.

This would be the last time I showed up to this hospital as Antoinette Bunce. James is literally sitting in my electric wheelchair when he took this picture! Getting the right IV is always a challenge! It takes an ER protocol letter and much persistence to be respected when new to the system.

From this point forward I reclaim my true gender identity and stop everything girly. A performance ends! One that I was forced into with the wrong birth assignment and therapy at 3 and 4 years old. My intersex friend Tiger Devore calls it a ‘gender performance’. I like that.

In 2017, it would be this hospital that helps me motion our country court to prove that my true biological sex is intersex. This certified court letter then helps me to get my Intersex Birth Certificate this September 17th, 2018. What a fifteenth-month journey to getting my birth certificate!

As you can see stopping the treatment regimen I was on and getting healthier changes my hair, my muscles and my autonomic dysfunction mostly resolves. I also lose 95 pounds, and obviously so many other things transition due to the amazing effects of the ketogenic/paleo diet. Plus then deciding to end my female hormones and inject more testosterone. This made me to some a Transgender Man.

Cary Gabriel Costello, Tiger Devore, Buck Angel, and so many others thank you for your part in helping me to accept myself and fight for my Human Rights.

Now I get to fight for the Human Rights of others! Thanks to TEDxJacksonville my story can be heard. I have a voice. They are still in the process of editing everything. I will share it as soon as I get it.

No child should be treated the way that some of us have survived, then or now. This world will change.




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