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Can an Intersex person be Transgender?

Short Answer: It is up to the intersex person to decide if they are transgender or not.  So, never assume and always ask the person. Long Answer: Definitions First: Cisgender = When an Endosex (not born intersex) person, agrees with their birth assignment. Ipso Gender = When an Intersex person agrees with their birth assignment.… Continue reading Can an Intersex person be Transgender?

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Poem: I am a Gender Space Pirate

  You think I come from outer space. Instead, I come to you with my feathers and lace. No, I am not a cultural disgrace. I am a part of this gender race. I do not care if I am misplaced. I love my beauty and being handsome too. I am a Gender Space Pirate! My… Continue reading Poem: I am a Gender Space Pirate