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Participants Needed: Intersex Study with Mercy College



I would like to help announce that  Jack Simons Ph.D. of Mercy College, of New York United States, is doing a study about those of us intersex people who have been medically identified as having an intersex bodily variation.   

Jack’s is an ally to the intersex community and is undertaking this work to improve the practices of school and career counseling. By giving more voice to intersex people with regard to these topics he investigates, he hopes that the needs of intersex people will be better affirmed and validated in counseling settings and society at large.  He is hoping to have this study completed by the end of May, or whatever time is needed.

It is my hope that this man is one of many who joins forces in helping us change this world, so I am helping him to get this message out there.  All participants will receive a 75.00 Amazon gift card, in compensation for their time.


Here is his message to recruit participants:  

blk wht profile

Intersex people (medically identified with an intersex natural bodily variation) are sought to participate in a series of interviews during spring 2018. The Mercy College advocacy based study (IRB 17-74) is focused on the school and career experiences of intersex people and uses individual and focus group interviews to improve policy and educational services.

Participants complete an individual interview on school experiences, a second individual interview on career experiences, and a focus group interview at the conclusion with other intersex people. Participation in the study (online or in person) is voluntary and the data received is maintained through the most secure means possible.

Participants will also receive a $75 gift card. Contact or 718-678-8471 for more information.

Jack Simons, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Deprtment of Counseling
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Mercy College
555 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Counselors for Social Justice



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