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When will the rest of the world catch up with Malta?

Stop the Genital Assignment of Gender in Intersex Infants.   GENDER is not in our genitals.  It is in our brain.  GENDER is a social construct.  Our genitals are the product of the diversity of nature. There are many variances of genitals.  Our genitals do not always follow the "rules of the male/female binary".  … Continue reading When will the rest of the world catch up with Malta?


Breaking from the Kingdom of Isolation

This poem was written for Thanksgiving Day, here in the United States, 2015.  I write this poem in honor of my gratitude that I survived, when too many are dying.   This day I celebrated  The Emancipation of my Spirit and my true Gender.  Here is my Thanksgiving poem: Breaking from the Kingdom of Isolation!  … Continue reading Breaking from the Kingdom of Isolation


Poem: Maybe, just maybe, it is time to (Un)know Gender

My father told me to not tell. That the world would want me to burn in hell. I told you, my friend, you ran and flee. He was right, you hated me! I will forever miss those who could not be, on this path to cherish me. Family so mortified, Devastated that I am now alive.… Continue reading Poem: Maybe, just maybe, it is time to (Un)know Gender

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Poem: You are not broken to me….

You are not broken to me.... Loving you for who you are Who you have always been to me I do not care about all those scars This world puts you through hell They convinced you I would leave you if you honored your true self How could I leave you after what they did… Continue reading Poem: You are not broken to me….

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Intersex is what it is….

Intersex is what it is, even if our doctors want to call it something else. Parents are not being told their baby is intersex to justify cosmetic genital surgery.  Most these surgeries are not medically necessary.  When in reality we are born with natural bodily variations.  Here is the United Nations' Intersex Fact Sheet, that uses… Continue reading Intersex is what it is….


The Haters

The above picture, of this little girl, went viral.   This picture should go down in history. As a parent of three amazing kids, this picture touches me in ways that few might realize.  Because now I know how such hate touches the heart of an innocent child.  I have seen their tears personally.  No… Continue reading The Haters

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When is it ok to ask me about my genitals?

Answer: Never! It is truly no one's business, unless I make it your business.   But to educate I will talk about it here.   Most would never talk to a complete stranger, or even a friend about their genitals.  But for some reason being intersex, or transgender, many people think it is their business. This is because most… Continue reading When is it ok to ask me about my genitals?

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When Saliva Turns to Spit!

Facebook allows us to see your memories. I am not so sure it is good to look back at times. A HUGE number of my "friends" vanished, or had to be blocked as they were revealed as uneducated about intersex, haters, bigots, and simply unable to accept me.   Even educating them that I was an… Continue reading When Saliva Turns to Spit!

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Why do I feel like A VISITING ALIEN?

Do I really have to have more surgery to fit into YOUR WORLD? I use to appear a typical woman Then I use to want to appear a typical man Now I am being compared to transgender men I even made a lousy woman. Where do I fit in? Please do not erase me ♥… Continue reading Why do I feel like A VISITING ALIEN?

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When I see you cry, when you are taught about us, the INVISIBLE “I”

It is huge for me, to break the silence, with Dr. Judi Herring, M.D.,  my speaking partner, and share with you the atrocities faced by intersex people.  Most of us have heard the acronyms,  LGBT, which stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.  My story is about the "I", that is rarely mentioned, and of course… Continue reading When I see you cry, when you are taught about us, the INVISIBLE “I”